a small pastry easy to make,
for breakfast or lunch
and perhaps dinner for those
who prefer to consume as diet.

in which regardless of when,
a small pastry to take
is still a thought to the stomach.

sweetened, could be of bananas,
chocolates and extravagant goods
a child would marvel.

spiced, could be of cinnamon,
and though uncommon,
there has been chilli,
for those who adventure in taste.

salted, perhaps by accident,
from the start of a girl baking
for a first love.
nevertheless, enjoyed by the recipient
a truth from the hearts spelt

a treat so common,
became taken for granted,
for those who had no time
to truly dwell on the taste
from the heart and appreciate.

and yet, like every morning,
you went and bought a small pastry,
for the world could not stop
and allow us to relive the moments
we took for granted.

unnoticed, we became accustomed,
for the mornings to pass by
without a greeting
and just a simple brown bag
passed in question
“why are we here?”

and for an unexplainable reason,
that day my sight blurred with haze,
as I took each bite,
and the pieces tumbled down to my heart.

though only a second,
the world I saw stopped,
as I realized the effort
from you, to take
to assure that each day,
“we are here.”

in truth,
a small pastry so easy to make,
became so hard to eat.
when realized
“delicious” remained heavy.


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