pride in stride.

you would think, that this can’t be.
for the times you go through,
silenced pride in painful strides,
your voice lost in others’ sigh.

you choose to believe, that it’s a dream.
a little sleep will sooth in ease.
but when the problem did not leave,
you start to wonder “why it’s me?”

you give and take in balance,
you work without complaint
you try to strive in kindness
but the burden is still the same.

drown, you drink to sorrows
fall, you hit the ground
lost, there’s nobody around
to stop and hold you up till you’re ready.

“where is the light?”
the hope that had guide?
only in shadows, this life grows dim.
“where are the people?”
the ones that had loved?
only in memories, do you remember well.

and in silence then,
you hear your beat
slowly in rhythm,
just the same as the clock.

a sigh, of small relief,
it’s not really the end, you believe.
times may be cold, but times will go warm.
and in the cold you warmly breathe,
small pride in happy strides.


inspired by Emeli Sandé’s Clown.

~thankful to be alive.


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