sleeping rose

wake me up to love
sweet kiss from you
upon mine
I felt my heart left with your breath.

how dear you are to me
and each day you treat me tender
as if I am a princess locked up high
and you
my only defender.

glory were those days
we play of such fantasies
until the evil grows in us slowly
seperating our hearts and minds
and even if we cross paths
we’re cursed to keep silent
of those memories we once vowed and laughed of.

how haunting you are to me
of such beauty we made
upon roses
they now hurt with thorns
and I cannot seem to leave such ending wasted
so I bound myself once more.

if you ever were to realize
that I am waiting
please wake me up again
with one last gentle kiss
so I am to wake up to love…

dear me,
but what a dream it has been
recalling those petty days
and hallucinating them so fancy
nostalgic I may have been
but I will not fall again to such sleep
for tomorrow that roses bloom and wither
I can wake up to love in belief to seeds of wonder.


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