Me, Him and Us. -Prologue and Chapter 1-

Me, Him and Us.


“Let’s break up.”

Three words, just as powerful as “I love you”, will be heard at least once in our lives.  A dramatic change, a turning point – the reality that tells c’est la vie.  And usually, couples who part with those words would not, or find it hard to be friends again.  Of course, there are those cases where some would still stay in contact with each other.  After all, it’s just the matter of whether one can let go or not.  And for us – I mean, him and I, we’ve become so dependent and important in each other’s lives that there was no way to cease contact.


A mediocre apartment with two rooms, one bathroom, kitchen and a small living room. A minimalistic look with barely any decorations, the sight of the city devours every space that exposes itself to it.  Of wallpapers tinted with yellow, revealing a shade of orange when lighted upon lights, this is the home to us.    

“Nia!  Yo Nia!  Where is my Superman shirt?  I have to leave in 2 minutes before I meet up with the guys to see Man of Steel!”

“Then leave, Aaron!  I don’t know where your shirt is!  The one you have on is fine!  Go now before they kick your ass for being late again!”

Hi, so Nia is my name, and at the moment I’ve got my hands full to write papers due for my boss tomorrow, or else I’ll be lectured as incompetent again at my work.  At 28, I admit I did not plan my life to turn out like this; working like hell everyday in a small company as a personal secretary, when I imagined with my degree and talent I should’ve been in a managerial position, in some well-known, promising company.  But life is never fair, not to me anyways.  Unlike many people I’ve met since childhood, I was not born well-off at all.  In fact, blunt poor that I had to start help earn living since I was 8 with the local newspaper route.  Just a state of fact though; this is not a sympathetic tale, at least, not how I see it.  Only through hard work and dedication, and thankfully, with some brains, I was recognized as one of the greatest of my years in education – back in my hometown.  However, my choice to leave the place for the better, only turned out to be worse.  Despite my struggles to finding a decent and secured position in this city, I regret nothing to leave my town.  It wasn’t a bad town but –

“Fine.  You’re right.  I’ll leave now then.  Anyways, I’ll see you later – did you want me to bring some food back for you?”

“Yes, please.  I’m starving like a wolf.  If you will come back right after the movie I will be so grateful to you!  If I have some time later, I’ll look for your shirt, okay?  Say hi to the boys for me too!”

“Haha, I’ll tell them that and I’ll leave right away then.  I’m going now – text me if you have something in mind you want!”

The door clicked as he left in a hurry.  I sighed, and went back to reread my proposals for tomorrow’s meeting.  Always like a storm, I can’t help but think.  That’s how I’ve been describing Aaron.  Regardless of being with him for 7 years, my mood is still affected by his personality until he is gone from the scene.  And because of him, I also left my town to find opportunities that would suit me – us in our futures.  Shame I didn’t see how long we would’ve been together, I thought.  Aaron and I have been separated as a couple for 2 years now.  Yes, it’s strange that we’re still living together, and how well we get along, but really, for us it’s become a part of us to have each other.  Not in the sense that we’ll get back together, and really, I don’t think either of us would anymore.  This relationship we’re in – although we cannot name it, definitely ties us between partnership and family.  Despite dating him for 5 years, Aaron and I actually knew each other since high school as well.  Just had not “been officially” with him then.  But all those labeling don’t matter.  We’re normal, consistent, and because we’ve known each other so long, living together is a comforting luck to my life.  I’ll be honest though; there are times where our old habits would drive each other nuts when we’re stubborn not to change.  But hey, that’s what it means to live with someone, right?


“Back–!  Guess what I got?”

“Johnson’s house burgers!?”

“Yep.  Don’t start without me though.  I also bought some poutine.  I thought we should watch a game while we chow.”

“Oh my god, you’re a hero!  I was about to eat up my papers to stop myself from starving!”

“Haha!  Glad I made it then, anyways; you should take a break until your burger is finished anyways.  Don’t start the game without me!”

Aaron called out as he went into his room to change.  One of our habits together back then, would be eating the heavenly burgers from Johnson’s while we watch a recorded game on TV.  Because of our different schedules, we can never catch any games we want to see on time, so we agreed to record them and only watch them on ‘Johnson’s burger moments’.  Although our friends or colleagues would talk of what happened to the games on the next day, we’ll still refuse to rush to see the recorded game until we have a Johnson’s burger; regardless it may take a week or so for us to have those burgers.  And despite times changing, the tradition is still kept.  I organized the stuff on the table to make room for our burgers, while Aaron comes back out and goes to the kitchen and return with beers.

“I’ll pass on the beer – I still have some things I need to write with a sober mind.”

“Alright.  How about some tea to keep you sober then, granny?”

Aaron grins as he gives me his teasing look.  I became annoyed.  This was one of the things I dislike of Aaron.  He would purposely bring out something for you to challenge, knowing well that you are not in the mood or you do not enjoy the moment to do so.  And with his playful tone and look, he becomes like a kid as to provoke you like ‘chicken’, until you challenge the dare.

“Well, if you make me the tea, I would gladly take the drink to keep my old mind from wandering.  I ain’t young like you to enjoy such leisurely moments when time is so short on my end.”

He sensed the annoyance under my tone.  Still, he grins and replies, “Alright” before he went to the kitchen and makes my tea.  Returning shortly, he hands me my cup and sits down next to me.  I mutter thanks as I take a look at the tea he brought me.  With Aaron, you never know what he might do to you in order to see you take the challenge.  So far, it was just plain green tea as I see it.  I relaxed; perhaps he matured a bit with age, and with that thought, I took a long sip on my drink.

“What the fuck did you put in this!?”

“Haha!  Relax Nia, just rum on green tea – it won’t hurt.  Besides, you have to admit, it’s a wonderful taste right?”

I look at him in disbelief as he laughs at my expression.  Unwillingly, it was actually a wonderful drink – better than the fine wine we drank on our last anniversary, but I wouldn’t show it on my face.  I punch him on the shoulder and make a frustrated noise.  At this point, we both know although I am angry, I have forgiven him.


“How was the movie anyways?”

I ask Aaron, while he clears up the waste and I went back to my papers.

“Awesome.  You should go see it.  If you want company and have no one, I’ll go with you.”

“Hmm, I don’t know, I rather use the money to buy the DVD later.  Then, I can always watch it whenever I want to.”

Here’s a difference between Aaron and I.  To him, Aaron’s belief is that you should always live with no regrets; do what you want and need to make the day end at its best.  In addition, Aaron enjoys sharing the best with others – help as much as he could, laugh as much as they should.  And to that, he regards everyone in the same respect and is known as the ‘Aarongy’ amongst everyone who knew him.  Opposite to this ‘energy’, I am an average human who place myself above others first.  Not that I don’t have a heart, I do do deeds that I deem worthy and volunteer for causes that are good.  But I just don’t have that excessive time and money to help others with their needs, or patience for that matter to hear their stories.  I also believe that one should be careful in spending and extravagances.  Luxury is filling and good, but it’s better to think smart and buy something that’s worth the money.  In short, I’m all about quality over quantity, and Aaron is about quantity over quality.

“Well, I guess the wait for a DVD isn’t so bad.  I’ll be heading to bed now – got practice at 5 a.m. tomorrow.”

He shrugs off and yawns long.  Trying to focus back on my paper, I too, yawn in hopes to revive my energy.  Unfortunately, not much use.  Thankfully, through determination, I was able to finish up as I memorized the contents in deep satisfaction.  I organized the file slowly and head towards my room.


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