nonsense but important

today we fight,
but I think to myself
it’ll be alright.

just like each day,
we don’t say much
but we’re together
that’s life.

but then you said,
some words I couldn’t comprehend
what? how? and why?

could you repeat please?
I didn’t hear you right.
those words you say
you have to “let go”.

repeat please,
those days when we were fine.
those stories you once made up for me
but when did the last past us by?

oh, boy,
I can’t believe.

such nonsense!
it must be a lie.
what nonsense!
are you talking boy?

oh nonsense!
I don’t wanna hear,
but I know.

each word you say
it’s truth to you
and I love you enough
so I’ll hear it through.
this nonsense,
cause it’s important to you.

today, I walk
along that road
we’d stroll along,

just like those days,
where nature is our
comfort song,
but then storms came,
and I have to stop in the middle of the way.
what? how? and why?

with the rain,
my tears join in,
so cold and I’m feeling lonely,
but you aren’t by my side no more
and that warmth is but a memory away.

oh, boy,
I can’t believe.

such nonsense!
I don’t want to cry.
what nonsense!
am I doing now?

oh nonsense!
I want to leave,
but I know.

those days I miss
has passed us by,
and whatever I feel
you won’t know the truth
this nonsense,
that I’m still loving you.

the rain that stopped,
cleared my way to go,
to see a brighter day.

it’s a little late,
and I don’t think I’ll ever say,
this nonsense,
that once, I did love.


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