Dear Customers

I’m sorry,

But I don’t think saying

“Excuse me” only is a



Unless in your language,

That is all you say

In giving respect.


Yet funny,

When you ask a question,

And I give an answer,

We both converse

In one language I hear.



I meant your language,

Because if we had conversed

In my tongue,

People would whisper

In question to

Where were your manners.


Not that you care,


What does it matter?

Even without,

I’m at your service,

Although it’s nice to hear



Do excuse me,

For saying so much,

When I should say thanks

For you buying my stuff.


So first,

Thank you for the mess you left me,

I’ll make sure when I shop

I’ll tidy.


Thank you for screaming at me,

I’ll set it as example

What embarrassment I would never

Want to be.



Thank you for asking this,

And asking that,

And in the end

Not buying any.

I’ll learn to focus,

On shopping

What I only need.


Although there’s so much more

I need to say,

I’m preoccupied with others,

So goodbye and have a nice day.


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