my friend

My friend,
Since we’ve crossed paths,
We’ve been together.

Perhaps a little too long,
For you’ve stopped trying
To be better.

Not towards your goals
Or dreams,
To that you still have fire.

But your attitude
Towards me,
Like I don’t even matter.

And alright,
Maybe I’ve known you for so long
That’s you being familiar.

And okay,
Mock me when I do realize
Sometimes I am dumber.

But don’t disrespect me,
When I offer advice
And you reply with words
That bite.

As if I don’t know anything;
And maybe so –
Since you don’t say much of these things.

Except to your new friends,
But you’re being condescending.

My friend, trust me,
I’ve met others too.
And I’ve also realized
That I value them more than you.

For when we talk the same things,
They understand and appreciate.
A mutual respect,
A feeling –
This friendship won’t fade.

But with you,
I don’t know anymore.

I try to be positive –
Still you reply in negative.

And I’m sorry,
But I do get tired.

Call me a small person,
You were the big reason.

My friend.


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