Tír na nÓg

Tis the tale since ancient tells;
Ye Tir na nog
Heaven and Chaos
Left in trail.
An invitation for the wild,
A visit to see the newborn child.
And the sky sinks deep in blue;
Lit then by the brightest moon,
As all shadows come out and play,
The rest watch from the window nook.
The stars giggle
As they make their way;
Following the rhythm
The flowers sway.
In summer’s heat,
The cold gently creeps.
Wearing a frosted veil,
She stuns all She meets.
Hear then the wind to bellow –
And rain drumming in follow.
Make way for the Tempest,
Hail on the arrival of the Empress.
Rejoice! All in nature greet;
Awaken the spirits from deep sleep.
In silent motion She swiftly leads,
To the light – where the baby breathes.
With the birth of the true king,
They gather around to see His halo ring.
As they watch the mother cradle Him in gentle swings,
They sing along in their language of blessings.
benigno numine
Of men He shall judge.
benedictus qui venit
And men He shall love.


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