I rolled my eyes to the ceiling,
Prepared myself with a deep breath:
And here it goes again.

‘I just don’t understand!’
Black tears freshen their marks,
Since noon and now in dark.

She looks around
As she gave a wail,
And whispers to follow in her trail.

‘There, there,’
I said in weary;
From repetitive hearings of the same story.

Many a blank paper,
Balled up in her fists,
Tumbles down everywhere for everyone to see.

‘Don’t you understand!?’
She accused me angrily,
Well girl, not in the very least.

How could you let such a pain in the butt
Play you like an idiot?
If I were you, I would have already left it.

But before I could begin my say,
Déjà vu rings from her phone
And a drastic change to her answer, ‘Hello!’.

‘Meet up? Yes, of course!
No baby, I’m not mad –
Yes, I love you too!’ she adds.

She beams with enthusiasm,
Quickly hugs me in goodbye;
Once more in thanks for my time.

I pondered when she will turn back,
And dread again of the same upcoming –
Those excessive, dramatic feelings.


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