pain is two ways

I still get hurt
Me too
After all,
I’ve been a constant
disappointment to you
You would think,
and only
it’s just you
That all my actions
are deliberate;
to hurt you
As disappointment
When really,
those words you say
cuts me just as deep
in every way
To not be supported,
by supposedly
the ones I’m closest
And to not be understood
but scolded
for my indifference
You’ve asked me once,
why I became
this way
But you never noticed,
inside I’ve always been
the same
So easily hurt,
just like you
But unlike you to express,
I’m painfully repressed
And I’m always
the only one
to change
To adjust
back for your sake
To pretend
that I am okay
Thus love,
we see it
as one way
And pain
I noticed
in two ways


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