Therefore I’m Okay

Things I want to say,
Things I couldn’t say.
Because truly I’m afraid,
That it will scare you away.



She’s one

who would stand still

admiring the changes

upon the nightly heavens

allowing her breath be taken


She’s one

who needs not for eternity

rather, deems things aging as beauty

only knowing love as unconditional

her kindness spills from being full


She’s one

that makes you question

if love had an appearance

or a name

she would be the one true saving grace


~dedicated to Final Fantasy XV, the beloved Lunafreya Nox Fleuret.

girl at the cafe

you can tell by the lipstick stain on her coffee cup,
that she sipped it only once.
with the sunlight glaring through,
by her seat from the window sill,
you could see it was coloured with a darken hue.
it can be noted then,
it was not a desirable drink.
for her to order,
it can be assumed she used it in counting –
the minutes while waiting,
for the seat across her
be taken by the presence she is yearning.