girl at the cafe

you can tell by the lipstick stain on her coffee cup,
that she sipped it only once.
with the sunlight glaring through,
by her seat from the window sill,
you could see it was coloured with a darken hue.
it can be noted then,
it was not a desirable drink.
for her to order,
it can be assumed she used it in counting –
the minutes while waiting,
for the seat across her
be taken by the presence she is yearning.



We’ll talk later.
We can make up after.
Because right now,
We need time to recover.
I’ll tell him for sure.
That I really want us to be together.
And then we’ll hold each other,
Knowing nothing else matters.
It took our years.
We waited too long,
Waiting for each other.
Now all we have are regrets we left for later.


What do you think?
She blushed.
What can I say?
A mere beautiful
Was not enough.
All finery
I’ve seen in my life,
Only to fade
At a glance of your sight.
I go through
Every memory
Of what was taught
Called beauty.
But even then
I cannot use any
To express this.
What should I do?
You waited with innocence
Lighted with curiosity,
How do I let you know?
Your presence,
My uncertainties.
No force used
To erase my anxiety.
And unknowingly,
We connected – hand in hand,
You found my answer from the kiss you’ve plant.

*花嫁 in English translation meant ‘Bride’ and in direct translation for each word meant ‘Flower Marrying/Marry’; a suitable title for all the beautiful brides and bride-to-be.*

being woman

Being beautiful is important,

But tell me,

What makes me attractive?

Please don’t just state my appearance,

I need

Some better reassurance.

Being beautiful is worrisome,

When life is

Met with much competition.

How do I have your notice,

When you

Also focus on other women?

When did I become such a pessimist?

Worried, afraid,

My beauty hitting the negative?

All I wanted was to be appreciated,

For the beauty I carry as a human;

Not just by my efforts being woman.


If there is that day I am married
living happily
then maybe
I can forget you then

But at this moment
before that happens
you’re in my mind again

you’re a terrible man

Leaving me with everything
except yourself that I only need

I rather be crying
from all of our quarreling
than just facing
your picture in silence everyday

not once am I without praying
if there is that day
once more
we’re together breathing


In Your Silence

I didn’t know
Silence could hurt so much,
Until you left me
In the unknown for so long.
Was it just me
We would be closest
All along?
You don’t owe me anything.
And it’s your business
To decide to tell me anything.
But I thought,
We shared something.
All those years,
Was it my mistake?
Even if I asked now,
You would deny.
But nevermore,
Can I trust those eyes.