Dear Love

May our love be timeless,
Regardless of what may test us.
May we remember each other’s goodness,
Before we count the flaws in us.
If we ever forget a moment of love,
May our time be the reminder to not give up.
And for as long as we enjoy each other’s company,
May we celebrate a many, merry Christmas.


If you don’t know how to begin

Start with how you choose her over me.
Tell her,
She is giving you all those things you look for,
Whereas with me, you didn’t see.
Hold her,
In ways she didn’t know she needed at all.
Remind her,
You’re always there for her call.
Love her,
For better or worse her emotions run on any day.
Give her,
Only your best, I pray.

To the broken dreamer

Move on from broken dreams,
Love, forget what should have been.
Pieces and pieces you saved up,
In mending, you forgot yourself to love.
Dear, it’s time to release
This broken peace.
So close you hold to your heart,
You’re bleeding from it’s parts.
Child, believe me there’s still more to see,
Say farewell with a goodbye kiss.
I promise, what you let go
Will not hinder your deserving potential.